Choosing CMS for the development of an online store.

Very often, when developing an online store, a logical question arises: on which system of controlling the contents to create an online store? Naturally, for CMS, great requirements are put forward under the online store: safety, speed, possibility of flexible configuration and more. Depending on the online store, the functionality can be different. Of course, the best option is to create CMS for yourself. But this is very expensive and not every person is ready to give a large amount of money for such pleasure. Let’s look at ready -made engines for online stores. You can buy ready -made business online store.

The best engines for online stores at the moment:

1) If you are going to make your first online store and the budget is very limited, then it is best to pay your attention to the shopos and vamshop engines. These are budget options. The cost of such CMS is about 3 thousand rubles. Naturally, you can take free options — Joomla+Virtuemart, Osmerce. In fact, both of these engines are created on the OSMERCE platform. First you can try a free option

2) If you are going to create an online store and have a more or less average budget, and if the price ratio = quality plays an important role, then you can consider PHPSHOP CMS or Simpla-both are good. You will need to receive fire certificates for the warehouse and office.

The main difference is Windows Interface. which is very convenient enough. In addition, here you can use synchronization with 1C, which is the main highlight of these CMS.

3) if you are developing a very serious store, then there is no options, or your own engine or 1C Bitrix. Truly powerful engine for the development of online stores. She is an unconditional leader among CMS for online stores. This CMS has excellent functionality, high safety and speed. The setting is very flexible.

In principle, other CMS are found to create online stores, but these are considered the best and most popular engines for the development of online stores. It is these solutions that the creators choose based on their budget. Personally my opinion is that you need to try everyone, and if there is money, then start with 3 options.

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