Types of hair

Hair types determine the choice of means and features of their care. Incorrectly chosen shampoo, balm or mask can cause dandruff and worsen the general condition of the hair, so you need to approach the definition of their type of hair very responsibly. What are the types of hair?

Dry hair. Such hair looks dull, easily confused, breaks, seize on the tips, and combed poorly. Since such hair lacks oily lubrication, first of all they need nutrition. Choose hair care products containing lipids that not only tap the hair, but also “glue” hair scales.

Normal hair. Hair related to this type, elastic, shiny, smooth to the touch, elastic, easily combed and amenable to laying. How to care for normal hair? For the type of hair called normal, shampoos marked “for any type of hair” or “for normal hair” are suitable. They will help to maintain the balance of fat grease, as well as nourish hair with useful substances. You can use hair balm twice a week.

Greasy hair. These hair have a specific dull look, after a very short time after their washing look untidy, they begin to stick together. For oily hair, you can choose a shampoo for daily use or a therapeutic shampoo containing astringent, mineral and plant components. It is advisable to refrain from drying hair with a hairdryer, as well as washing in too hot water, since hot air and hot water provoke the release of sebum.

In addition, you can also select hair care products, focusing on the type of hair color. Light and dark hair has their own characteristics, so I demand different care.

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