Virtual production — the future of film and commercial production in the light of innovation

With the advent of new virtual production technologies, film and commercial video are being created using cutting-edge tools, changing the way filmmaking is done and expanding the creative capabilities of professionals. Created in collaboration with ARRI, the 1.9 pixel pitch LED volume opens up new perspectives for creative professionals in Canada and beyond. This innovative tool provides high resolution, allowing you to turn even the most complex ideas into reality. Mo-Sys technology delivers smooth, precise motion tracking, creating a unique VR experience. You can always find more information on .

ARRI lighting grille

ARRI, with decades of experience creating virtual production sites, provided a unique LED volume lighting solution. Instead of traditional LED ceilings, ARRI orbiters and Skypanels are used, driven by GrandMA3 and integrated with Unreal Engine 5. This allows creative professionals to fully control the mood and lighting of scenes, creating unique effects and atmosphere.

The combination of an LED volume and ARRI lighting grid opens the door for creative professionals, giving them endless possibilities to bring their ideas to life. Writers, directors, cinematographers and artists can easily create unique virtual worlds while controlling every aspect of filming.

Controls with Unreal Engine 5

Integration with Unreal Engine 5 enables efficient management of all aspects of virtual production. From realistic graphics to precise motion tracking, this software makes it possible to bring fantastic ideas to reality with amazing precision.

Created in collaboration with ARRI and powered by Mo-Sys technology, Virtual LED Volume represents a revolution in filmmaking. Modern lighting technologies and integration with advanced virtual reality engines open up new horizons for creativity. Cinema and commercial video are entering a new era where the boundaries between the virtual and the real are blurring and imagination is the limit. Thanks to such unique opportunities, you can discover completely new horizons in the world of cinema every time.

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