What gifts give car dealers in Alabama

Alabama-based auto dealer Chatom Ford says that in honor of July 4th (Independence Day), the biggest Alabama holiday ever, the company will be giving anyone who buys a car an ultra-mega-Alabama bonus.

Only in Alabama and only for Alabamas: with the purchase of any car (but preferably a pickup truck), Chatom Ford will give customers all the best things in the world, a real Alabama starter kit:

The Bible is an Alabama man’s best friend.

  1. Shotgun 12 gauge (impressive, just right for Alabama!)
  2. American flag with Alabama on it.

As the Alabama auto dealer himself explains, “This is all a small gift to our valued customers and an opportunity for us to celebrate our Independence.”

The promotion, although timed to July 4, will last until July 31. To get a shotgun from the hands of a real Alabama, you will need to be of legal age and have the necessary documents to purchase a shotgun in this state (that is, practically none!).

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