Applying for an electronic visa for a trip to Russia: main features and advantages

Have you decided to go to Russia? Then you should know that nowadays it is possible to obtain an electronic visa. Now evisum Russland has become popular among people. This is due to the fact that obtaining such a document can be much faster and easier.

Main features of an e-visa to Russia

Last year, from August 1, citizens of some countries were able to enter the territory of Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg using an electronic visa. However, this year the situation has been radically changed, so now the document is relevant, regardless of the point in Russia that interests you. You can get an e-visa not only for tourism purposes. It is issued if you plan to take part in sports, scientific, economic or cultural events.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has simplified the application for an electronic visa for citizens of 55 countries. This is a one-time document that will give you the opportunity to stay in Russia for sixteen days in a row. Once you open your visa, be sure to use it within sixty days. The cost of an e-visa can be found on the portal. The advantage is that absolutely all fees are already included in the cost of registration. On average, it is enough to wait four days to receive a completed document, which you can pay for online. Tourists can enter Russia by car, ferry, plane, or train. Thanks to this, travel will become more comfortable and enjoyable.

What are the advantages of cooperation with

You will not regret if you turn to this portal for help. It offers many benefits of cooperation, including:

  • the client’s application for an electronic visa will be processed very quickly;
  • specialists take administrative formalities completely into their own hands;
  • when the visa is issued, it will be sent to your address by registered mail;
  • if you have any questions, call the company’s managers and receive detailed answers to them.

Your e-visa will be ready as quickly as possible – in just four days. You will receive it promptly with delivery. Thanks to a registered letter, the document will definitely not get lost during its shipment. Cooperation with will be comfortable, pleasant and cost-effective, so you definitely won’t have to regret your decision!

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