How to choose a refrigerator

Among the variety of house assistants in the form of household appliances, one of the most important places is the refrigerator. Not a single kitchen in a modern dwelling can do without it. When purchasing a refrigerator, owners of an apartment or house expect to use it for many years, so they are approached with special care.

A huge number of models and types of refrigerators are presented on the market of the 21st century, from which it is sometimes very difficult to choose an option suitable for all parameters. The equipment of refrigerators with many unknown functions often puzzles and confuses. In addition, there are refrigeration equipment in Moscow for various purposes: for example, for long -term storage of foods in chilled form or for quick freezing, for storing and cooling drinks, for the maintenance of drugs and perfumes ..

The most popular, of course, are multifunctional household appliances consisting of refrigerated and freezers. They differ among themselves in several parameters. Firstly, this is the purpose and size, as well as the installation site. Home refrigerators can be installed on the floor, on the wall, on the cabinet or integrated in furniture. Secondly, refrigerators may vary depending on use in various climatic zones. Manufacturers often do not take into account the national features of the storage of products by foreign consumers, as well as temperature differences during the year. Thirdly, refrigerators are very diverse in shape, color and functionality. Fourth, cooling methods are distinguished: compression (most common), absorption (can work on alternative energy sources: liquid and gaseous fuel) and thermoelectric (silent). Fifthly, the difference between the refrigerators is the actual cost (from standard simple models to exclusive) and additional costs during operation, which leads to the presence in the refrigerator with forced circulation of the air of the fan, relay and heater.

Attention should be paid to the variety of “pleasant little things” that facilitate the use of the refrigerator: an automatic thawing system, glass shelves, smooth walls, the ability to outweigh the doors and restriction of their opening.

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