Art forging and household products, interior items

Artistic forging in everyday life and when creating an interior allows real connoisseurs to become the owners of a variety of forged products. It would seem that these are small items that are widely used in the household, in fact, thanks to such decorative products, the interior of any public or dwelling comes to life. Around individual objects made by the method of artistic forging, the entire interior is built.

Among blacksmithing, household items occupy a significant place. This is an ancient direction of craft: among the first forged products there were weapons and household tools — axes, knives, nails and other elements.

Popular products include forged wardrobe hangers, locks, ashtrays, jokhokolds, keys. A special attitude of people to candlesticks, which at one time from the category of necessary and mandatory household items have moved to the varieties of decorative products.

Candlesticks are desktop or floor — for one, three or more candles. Among the elements of the simplest desktop candlesticks are a stand, support and brackets for candles. The greatest interest in contemporaries is caused by floor candlesticks, it seems that no restrictions are constrained by the Master when creating them.

In the 16-17 centuries, Svettsy, candlesticks, door and window grilles were used in the design of the premises. The greatest flowering of forged products in the creation of the interior came in the 18-19th century — at a time when the masters forged chandeliers, furniture, stairs and staircase railing. Forged metal in the Modern era was used almost everywhere.

Today, forged products in the decoration of the premises are far from the last place. The construction of the interior can be carried out entirely with the help of harmoniously selected products, or organized around one object, which is a kind of compositional center.

Among the most popular products of blacksmiths are mirror frames, furniture, lighting devices, fireplaces and many other elements, the only purpose of which is the creation of pleasant emotions for the soul.

Lighting devices are considered the most ordered objects among masters. In addition to candlesticks, blacksmiths are dripping wall lamps, floor lamps, lanterns, sconces.

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