Than the halogen lamps are good.

Halogen lamps.

An ordinary incandescent lamp has a relatively short service life, a short light output and low energy efficiency. Almost the entire main part of the electricity that is spent on it comes out in the form of heat radiation into the environment.

At the end of the 19th century, this problem was partially resolved by scientists, by adding halogen vapors to a flask (usually it is customary to use iodine or bromine) and, as a result, now on the shelves of householder stores, today you can see dozens of varieties of halogen lamps that can work during 2-4 thousand hours. Therefore, due to the fact that a change in thermal conductivity, we receive a significant decrease in energy loss.

The appearance of a new generation of halogen lamps marked the invention of infrared coating IRC. It is specially applied to halogen lamps, skipping only visible light, as well as delaying the infrared spectrum, which then reflects it back, towards the spiral. With the help of this effect, heat losses are significantly reduced, and it follows that the energy efficiency increases in the lamp.

Thus, electricity consumption is reduced by approximately 45 % and at the same time durability compared with a conventional halogen lamp doubles.

The main advantages of halogen lamps with low voltage include a compact design, high electrical safety, as well as the ability to adjust the light flow — all this allows you to individually approach the performance of lighting tasks, given the personal requests of the consumer.

Of all halogen lamps — capsule lamps are considered the most compact, t. to. During their manufacture, low pressure technique is used. The fact that they can be used in open lamps that do not have protective glass also speaks in their favor. Capsule lamps with longitudinal or transverse threads are produced. And their spiral, which is located along the axis, which makes it possible to optimally distribute the light flow.

Along with capsule halogen lamps that have standard characteristics, consumers are also offered Halostar Starlite lamps with a service life of up to 3000 hours.

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