Flat tummy without leaving the house

Any woman wants to have a fit, flat press, but not all of them have the opportunity to train in the gym. Therefore, most of them are limited to exercises at home. When doing exercises for the muscles of the press, it is very important to observe caution, otherwise you can get not a slender figure, but back injuries.

When performing exercises for the abdomen, the muscles of the upper and lower press and the muscles of the back are involved. But each of the exercises gives a greater effect on something one. If you are more interested in the lower press, make more legs up, and if you pay more attention to the upper press, it is worth raising the case more. Follow your breath: exhale and muscles relax, inhale and complete the task.

To strengthen the lower part of the press, we lie on your back, bend our legs at the knees, arms along the body. We raise our legs, while we do not extend them, on inspiration, hold the position for a few seconds, we return to the starting position.

To bring the oblique muscles into the form, do the same exercise, but lower the legs to the floor on the right then on the left, touch the knees of the floor.

For the upper press, on inspiration, raise the case and hands and pull up, without tearing the lower back from the floor. On the exhale we go down to the floor.

Each of the exercises is performed at least ten times and several approaches. But do not overload the body in the first, but training.

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