The choice of the door. Installation of the door in the house.

It is often difficult to find a place in a city where you can just retire. Full of people everywhere. At home, too, is often difficult to find a quiet place. In this case, we are saved only by doors. Doors will protect our personal space.

Many rooms, moreover, are extremely difficult to imagine without a door. For example, it is difficult to be in a restroom when your stay there can be noticed by a number of people. You don’t wash yourself in the bathroom, and you can’t walk in the bedroom. It is very difficult without doors. We recommend the doors of metal domestic.

A great option can be painted interior doors. They will not swell from moisture later. These doors between the rooms can be placed in the toilet, kitchen, bathroom (as well as in other rooms). They can be of various colors. But you can choose them not only by color, but also in style.

First, it is necessary to decide what the doors will be in size and style. Next, you have to prepare the doorway. You can choose the doors that are rounded from above. With their own appearance, they will remind you of an arch of the correct shape. Simple rectilinear doors can also be installed. They will always be in fashion.

Following this, we measure the width and height of the doors. It is necessary to leave a couple of millimeters to the gap between the door and the doorway. Also leave the gap between the door and the floor. If you, moreover, have not yet laid the flooring, it is necessary to take into account its height. Otherwise you will have to change the doors again.

Then you can install the doors themselves. They are necessary, for starters, to collect. It is better to set the door handle somewhere at the abdomen — then it will be more convenient for people of various growths to use them. If your door was purchased in an already collected form — then it is simply driven to the opening. Such a door is fixed with screws around the entire perimeter. There is no need to mess with this doors with this doors. It is almost not necessary to adjust them — it is enough to install them evenly, using the building level ..

For uncertain and inexperienced people, it is better, nevertheless, to invite a good specialist to install. So you will be sure of the quality, reliability and strength of the installation.

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