In the living room, even details are important

In order to give the living room volume and originality, more attention should be paid to details. Painted border, unusual painting technique or a little gilding, will give the room of individuality and open spaces, but using such technologies, you should carefully perform preparatory work: the surface should be dry and durable, cleaned of swelling and peeling, otherwise the paint will be ill or exfoliate.

Recently, furniture with curls in a classic style (a variety of curls in the form of a vine, leaves, etc. D.). If you want to decorate the old table, embellish it with a classic ornament: paint a drawer and its legs with curls in the shape of leaves, then when the paint dries, thin brush and darker green paint, designate thin veins on the leaves, and their contour (also thin brush) circle white paint. To protect the drawing from scratches, after it is completely dry, cover it with a thin layer of acrylic varnish.

The original architectural frieze will not be a bad decoration. To make it yourself, find it on the Internet or copy the drawing from the book by art, process it on the computer to the desired size, then glue it to the back of the border, open with varnish and attach it to the wall.

Another good way to give unusual to the interior of the room is more decorative filter. The modern assortment of Filenok offers a fairly large selection — plastic, glass, brass or stainless steel, etc. D.. The most attractive in terms of decor are glass, since it is they that make it possible to change their design from time to time with the help of simple tricks. To change the fed appearance, it is enough to cut out of rough cardboard or fiberboard, a rectangle of the corresponding sizes, then cover it with gold paint or apply any pattern, after it dries well, cover it with transparent acrylic varnish in several layers and give it enough time for hardening. Having completed paintwork, we put a glass physician on a cardboard with a pattern, and using clamps or screws we fasten them to the door. This option allows you to change the design of the phylenka at any time when you wish it.

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