Choosing an air conditioner for home.

How to approach the choice of air conditioning.

Today, climatic equipment is one of the most popular in the world, annually bringing billionth profits to its manufacturers. And in almost every city you can find the most diverse both in terms of quality and in terms of cost air conditioners Odessa, by the way, is far from an exception here. However, in a wide variety of products presented, the main thing is to be able to choose the right option.

The price of the air conditioner is not a determining factor guaranteeing satisfaction from the purchase. The main thing you need to focus on when choosing an air conditioner is its technical characteristics.

Particular attention should be paid to the power of the air conditioner, the greater it is, the faster the cooling or air heating in the room will be carried out. However, when choosing a powerful device, do not forget to ask also the noise level that they create during operation. Typically, powerful air conditioners are required only for large rooms, where a large number of people are constantly present, for an ordinary apartment, an average or low -power device is suitable.

Most manufacturers of household air conditioners today set the power of their devices in the range of 1.5-9 kW, increasing this value from the model to the model by no more than 20-30%. So, for example, a model, Midea MSV1-07HR, which has a cooling power of 2.1 kW, precedes Midea MSV1-09HR models with a power of 2.6 kW. The noise level, as a rule, does not exceed 50 dB in all manufacturers, in improved models with split systems, the noise level of internal blocks does not exceed 30 dB.

In addition to the power and noise level, when buying, also take an interest in the size of the future air conditioner, since not all devices of this type have acceptable for the apartment or office with dimensions. Pay attention to such trifles as the availability of service or warranty service, read the operating conditions, look at the design, etc.

Remember that an incorrectly selected air conditioner will not only not bring you the desired result, but will also become a real burden, which sooner or later you will have to part. That is why do not chase the functionality or known brands, but give preference to reliability and durability.

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