French kiss technique

This article is for those who think about such a concept as the technique of French kiss. This is a very long kiss that gives rise to a lot of emotions from lovers, thanks to its passion the name «French».

It is best to kiss moisturized lips. In addition, the very appearance of the tongue easily gliding over the lips already excites, saliva provides lips with a kiss of additional sliding. If the feelings are mutual, then the call to the kiss will not leave the partner indifferent. Leaning forward, it remains only to bring the lips closer to the lips of a loved one. Since the partner also slightly tilles his head to the side, the kiss does not interfere with the kiss. Many are interested in the question of why they close their eyes with a kiss. Everything is very simple: so sensitivity and emotionality reaches the highest threshold, not being distracted by extraneous factors. If the technique of kissing the sucking has already been mastered, it remains only to start with simple kisses, as it increases with passion, opening the lips wider. When both partners are ready for a deep kiss, the language of one is in the mouth of the other. The desire to kiss so deeply should be mutual, so if the partner does not open his lips so deep, you should not insist.

To see the whole process in practice, you can watch any romantic movie or video with passionate kisses. During the French kiss, tongues are gently in touch, causing a lot of emotions in kissing. The kiss is not limited to the temporary frames, it can be light, trembling and short or long, from which the earth goes from under the feet. Everything needs practice and diversity.

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