Installation of air conditioner.

How to install air conditioning.

Initially, you need to choose a place for which the air conditioner will be mounted. Its internal block is mounted so that the distance to objects is at least 3 meters.

The most suitable place to install air conditioning is the balcony. This arrangement greatly simplifies air conditioning service. In the absence of the balcony, the outer block is attached on the outside of the building, for this you need to drill holes in it, attach the bracket and bolts to fix the air conditioner on it. It is better to protect the external block with a visor from the rain and icicles.

The next stage of installation is the drilling of holes and further posting walls for the installation of copper tubes. They are communications between the external and internal blocks of the air conditioner. If there is no way to hide communication in the wall, they are placed in a plastic box and attached to the wall.

When installing the air conditioner, special tools will come in handy — rolling, pipelines, sabers, pipe bends, etc. If there is no such tool, it is almost impossible to install air conditioning. When trying to replace it, as a result, creases on copper pipelines appear, the collapse of low -quality tubes, etc. D. Such “nuances” lead to a decrease in the power of the device, freezing the pipeline, and as a result, the air conditioner will completely fail.

When the communications are carried out and the air conditioner is installed, it is necessary to worry about the device for drainage for moisture removal. Most often, a drainage hose is laid in a mounting box with other communications and taken to the street. It happens that the drainage hose is displayed in the sewer.

The final stage is the installation of the wiring of independent power supply, as well as the allocation in the electrical protection of a separate machine. Now the air conditioner is installed, it remains only to check the performance of the system.

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