Preparing a country house for winter

If you are a modern summer resident who prefers to spend all winter weekends and holidays in the country, then it is not enough to close the cottage to the castle, it must be prepared well.

You can put modern heating systems with control over the Internet to turn on heating in advance before your own arrival. You can make the walls-termmos that quickly warm up and hold heat excellently, and heat a small knitting of firewood in the fireplace. And you can ask you to look after the economy of neighbors if you are good relations with them. However, in any case, turnkey apartments, as well as cottage houses, significantly reduce the energy consumption for heating in the winter period.

Of course, it will be more profitable to have a Termos house, energy-efficient and less costly based on decades of use. These include both wooden and frame houses with external walls of aerated concrete, with modern insulation systems and double -glazed windows. Minimizing the heat loss of the house, we simplify and reduce the cost of the process of its heating.

If the house has already been built without taking into account the requirements of energy efficiency and modern ventilation, then it’s time to think about how to convert it.

one. We warm the walls. We use modern heat -insulating materials, not forgetting about the high -quality insulation of corners, floor and ceiling, as well as places of connection of these surfaces. It is very important not to forget about the insulation of the roof — because the warm air always rises up, it will be better if it remains there.

2. We warm the windows. Modern windows, of course, are very warm and reliable if you are correctly installed. However, modern hack around prefer to save — they do not completely close the foam of the space around the frames, from which “air bubbles” are obtained that skip the cold. The owners themselves save on slopes, so the mounting foam is not closed by anything from the sun quickly crumble and ceases to perform its functions. This can be treated only in one way — completely disconnect the entire space and close the slopes.

3. We warm the doors. Metal entrance door — cold bridge in each apartment or house. Since the metal can be insulated as much as you like, the cracks still remain, it is advisable to put the second door, making the vestibule.

To be continued

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