Useful life hacks for life in America

In America, consumer rights are fully and even too respected. You can return to the store everything that is returnable and has not expired the warranty. This includes almost anything that could not fit.

In addition to used clothes and shoes, Americans can also donate household chemicals and cosmetics. Stores will also readily accept well-preserved furniture or a mattress that you may have used for several months.

In general, everything that concerns clients is always on the side of clients. The same thing in a restaurant, when you don’t like something, feel free to say it to the waiter — you will receive a discount or a compliment in the form of a dish / dessert. Complimentary water, various other sodas and sauces are never included in the bill. You can even just go to Starbucks, ask for water, and no one will even say a word to you about paying. We even took coffee with friends several times, we didn’t like the taste and they gave us another one absolutely free of charge, people here don’t bother with little things like that.

For example, you work online and there is no Wi-Fi at home — come to Starbucks, take hot water, put your tea bag there and sit, use their Internet as much as you want, since you have a branded cup.

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