What are the requirements for cars in Alabama

Whether you bought a new car, recently moved to the state, or are just passing by, you need to know if your modifications are legal for use on Alabama roads.

For those who live in the area or may just be visiting, there are laws you must follow when modifying your vehicle to make sure you’re not violating any laws while driving on Alabama roads.

Changing the sounds your car makes through your stereo or muffler is a popular way to personalize your car. However, Alabama has some laws that you must follow when making these changes:

  1. Muffler
  2. All vehicles must have a muffler at all times.
  3. Modified silencers cannot make annoying or unusually loud noises.
  4. Mufflers cannot have bypasses or cutouts
  5. Silencers should have baffles to help reduce the amount of noise they produce.

Unlike many other states, Alabama has no laws restricting suspension modifications, lift limits, or frame heights. However, the maximum height for a passenger car is 162 inches.
Alabama also has laws governing lighting options and window tinting used to modify vehicles.

Vehicles may have one spotlight provided that the brightest part of the light does not reach more than 100 feet in front of the vehicle.

Two fog lights are allowed, but they must be between 12 and 30 inches above the road.
No headlights on a vehicle may emit blinding or dazzling light.

Two lights on the fenders or side hood are permitted, but they may only emit white or yellow light.

All lights over 300 candles must be directed so that the light does not shine more than 75 feet in front of the vehicle.

Clear windshield tint can only be applied to the top six inches. All other windows must provide 32% light transmission Reflective tint cannot reflect more than 20% light

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