A private house.

Features of a private house.

Today many people want to move to private possessions. Of course, far from every suburban area there is a well -maintained modern house, so its construction has to start from scratch.

As a rule, we rarely seek skilled help to specialists and try to estimate what should be the load on the foundation, the frame of the frame, the ceiling, the rafter system, which is better to choose the mailboxes in the entrance, wires, etc. D., Therefore, the result can be unpredictable. In addition, many of us, wanting to live in spacious mansions, forget about the need for their heating in the winter period.

When creating a project of your future home, evaluate your possibilities to support it. Try to at least at least understand what physical processes occur in the house. The heat transfer is affected by the size of the windows, their number, the thickness of the walls and roof, the area of ​​the heating batteries.

You can change the situation in your favor using modern thermal insulation materials, however, it is necessary to make sure that they are environmentally friendly. In addition, such insulation gives a number of other pleasant effects: good noise — and vibration isolation, an increase in the life of the house, a strong base for finishing coatings. Currently, such modern materials as, for example, three -layer structures made of reinforced concrete panels, consisting of light concrete blocks and the middle layer made of thermal insulation, multilayer ventilated facades, etc. D. On such a wall after installation, you can hang mail metal mailboxes without fear.

Particular attention when designing the future house must be given to the ventilation system. It works only in the presence of supply and exhaust ventilation. In the absence of any of these points, carbon dioxide will remain indoors, and, for example, if there is no oxygen flow, the “hoods” under the ceiling will absolutely not solve this problem.

If you decide to build your home, so create it not for the future for your children, not for prestige or depending on the opinions of others, but for yourself. Build a “healthy” house that will be economical, functional, aesthetic and environmentally friendly, then living in it will be comfortable

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