Wedding dresses in retro style

A wedding is a great way to arrange a holiday exactly as you want it, and not parents or numerous relatives. That’s why if you want to show off in a retro wedding dress, then this is a great way to get a vintage wedding in a vintage style.

It should be noted that every decade of the last century was marked by its own, special fashion, which is why dresses, for example, the 20s and 60s are not so similar to each other. And that’s why vintage wedding dresses 2012 are so diverse.

A distinctive feature of wedding dresses in retro style can be called the use of expensive and luxurious fabrics. In the old days, the bride’s outfit “took” not any sophisticated cut, but by the presence of handmade lace, numerous embroideries. The ensemble was supplemented by a long veil. That’s why, if you want a dress for your wedding, stylized «under the old days», then get ready for the fact that it simply cannot cost cheaply.

If we talk about styles, then for the 20s of the last century short simple dresses were characteristic, the outfits of the 30s were distinguished by a length below the knee, a straight silhouette, an abundance of fringe and draperies, they were sewn from silk fabric and framed by fur. The fashion of the 40s made a skirt shorter-knee-deep, silhouettes again became quite simple, and the fashion of the 50s revived the love of lush skirts. For modests at all times, wedding dresses with sleeves were relevant.

As for the accessories to such unique dresses, you can use gloves, umbrellas, pearl beads, hats with feathers. And, of course, we should not forget that the groom’s robe should also be matching your.

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