Life hacks from America for household needs

Ergonomic kitchen. Directly above the stove is a microwave with a built-in extractor fan at the bottom. This saves a lot of space, especially in small apartments.

Even in inexpensive houses, a garbage disposer is built into the sink, that is, a garbage chopper — of course, small, from food. You clean, for example, potatoes, and the cleanings can not be raked out of the sink into the trash, but simply chopped and washed off. The rest of the food on the plates is also ground. Very comfortably.

The dishwasher is another member of American families, more precisely, 75% of the country’s families. Although, according to these statistics, it is the least used main electrical appliance.

There is a whole «dry-cleaning mafia», controlled mainly by immigrants from East Asia.
A washing machine does not exist separately without a dryer. This is called a laundry unit (washing unit). Sell and install them together. There is a washer and a dryer. This is an unshakable rule. The question of where to dry the bed, towels and blankets does not arise.

Inexpensive apartments may not have such a “unit”. In this case, there is a room for washing and drying — one for the whole house. If there are no washing machines in an apartment building at all, this is evidence that very poor people live there. They are left only with public laundries.

Americans do not wash anything by hand. I had a problem with where to buy a hand wash basin. Found only on Amazon.

Coats, suits, shirts and dresses are only dry-cleaned, which also repairs clothes. This is generally a separate “dry-cleaning mafia”, controlled mainly by immigrants from East Asia: for less than $12, they won’t even supply a patch. From this amount, cleaning and ironing services also start.

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